Rev.Fr.Jesu Rajan
Prema Sevashram

                            PREMA SEVA ASHRAM

Prema Seva Ashram was founded by Rev. Fr. Jesu Rajan on January 04, 1995. It is a branch of the international association of lay people called, “foyer de charite”, founded by Rev. Fr. Georges Finet at the request of the saintly woman Marthe Ronin in 1936 in France. Lay people live together as brothers and sisters in the foyers under the guidance of a priest and their main work is to preach retreats. There are 75 foyers now in 41 countries. Unmarried lay people receive five years of Bible training and become permanent members of the ashram.

Prema Seva Ashram has a community of twenty dedicated men and women and together as a team they spread the good news of love peace through week long and weekend retreats in the ashram and prayer meetings in parishes. Week long retreats begin always on the first Sunday of every month in the ashram and close on the following Saturday. Weekend retreats begin every week on Friday evening and close on Sunday with lunch.







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